Smile Design

Smile Design

As in every field, the demand for aesthetic applications in the field of dentistry is increasing. Today, inthe light of the latest technology, smile design has become a routine treatment and even one of themost frequently requested applications. The purpose of smile design is to have an aesthetic smile.Because your smile has a significant impact on your self-confidence, social experiences andprofessional life.

Our smile design applications at Bitter Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Merkezi are designed to restore the cosmeticappearance of your teeth. During your first examination, our dentists will learn about your dreamsmile and oral health goals. The digital imaging will then be evaluated to create a customizedtreatment plan for you. This treatment plan not only improves the appearance of each tooth, but alsocreates a symmetrical smile that complements your facial aesthetics, lips and even skin tone.

While planning, gender, age, facial structure and personality traits are evaluated together. Thetreatment of the patient begins according to the created plan. Before starting the smile design, theperson’s teeth and gum diseases are treated, if any. In the next step, intraoral and extraoral images ofthe patient are taken and the ideal smile is designed. With the help of the special programs used, thisprocess is very comfortable for the patient and the image at the end of the treatment can besimulated before.

After preliminary preparations, your treatments are completed with art and technical skill, using high
quality and natural-looking materials as well as advanced technology. Since your treatment is an
inclusive treatment, it includes many treatments and practices applied in dentistry.

Implants, veneers, anterior region aesthetic filling, gum treatment and aesthetics, whitening and
orthodontic applications can be performed during your treatment in line with your needs. The
duration of your treatment will be determined by the extent of your cosmetic dental defects and the
types of treatment you will need to restore full smile aesthetics. When your treatment is completed,
your perfect and beautiful smile will emerge. With your own hygiene care at home and regular
dentist appointments, you will be able to enjoy a gorgeous smile, great self-confidence and better
oral health in the long term.

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We are at your service with our clinic equipped with modern technology and our successful physicians in both dental treatment and dental aesthetic operations.

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