Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric Dentistry

• Pediatric Dentistry

Let your kids grow up with healthy teeth! Our dentists will teach your child how to maintain dentalhygiene through play. Thanks to regular visits, you will prevent dental caries and ensure that yourchildren grow up with healthy teeth. Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry represents the part ofdentistry that deals with the treatment of children’s teeth. The main purpose of pedodontics is toprevent caries in primary and permanent teeth. Many children have tooth decay in their early years.Because the enamel of primary teeth is very little resistant. This, together with poor oral hygiene,leads to multiple caries lesions. There are a few fairly simple rules that children can adopt from anearly age and can help prevent cavities. These are adequate oral hygiene, a healthy diet and regularvisits to the dentist.

Treatment of Primary Teeth

Treatment of primary teeth is extremely important. Primary teeth make room for the permanentteeth that will emerge later, directing their eruption, ensuring proper chewing function and adequatebone development. Inflammation in primary teeth can cause staining and anomalies in the enamel ofsubsequent teeth.Le traitement des dents primaires est extrêmement important. Les dents primaires laissent la placeaux dents permanentes qui émergeront plus tard, dirigeant leur éruption, assurant une bonnefonction de mastication et un développement osseux adéquat. L’inflammation des dents primairespeut provoquer des taches et des anomalies dans l’émail des dents suivantes.

Flourine Applications

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases of modern man. Fluorine is an important tool for
preventing caries, protecting tooth enamel and making it more resistant. It is a completely painless
preventive precaution and is applied to primary and permanent teeth in order to preserve healthy
tooth tissue for a longer time. Fluorine reduces the incidence of caries and supports the repair of the
initial caries lesion. In the dental clinic, fluorine is mostly used in the form of a liquid, gel or polish to
coat the teeth.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are the method of coating the recesses on the surfaces of primary teeth with
fluorine-containing materials and some adhesives. In this way, the recesses become shallower and
food residues that will form bacterial plaque cannot settle in these recesses. With dental sealants, we
reduce the risk of caries, which is very important in the early stages of mixed dentition in children.
This application can also be applied in primary molars. Dental sealants are not a permanent method
and dental filling. In this method, no holes are made in the teeth.

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