Bleaching is one of the dental procedures that has become popular as a result of the increase inaesthetic concerns of patients today. Coloration may occur on the teeth for various reasons.Especially the use of cigarettes, tea and coffee is one of the most common causes of discoloration. Byapplying chemical agents to the teeth with discoloration, the pigments are oxidized and the color ofthe teeth is bleached.

Tooth discoloration is a multifactorial condition classified according to etiology and localization. Thesecolorations can be internal or external. Extrinsic discoloration occurs on the tooth surface, whileinternal discoloration usually occurs on the dentin.

Only a dentist can decide whether the bleaching treatment is suitable for you after a detailedexamination. In general, discoloration caused by reasons such as coffee, tea; discoloration caused bysmoking, aging, fluorosis and trauma can be evaluated for bleaching treatment. In addition, patientswith crown and bridge applications in the anterior region, patients with high caries incidence,pregnant patients and patients with sensitivity problems are not suitable for bleaching.

Before the bleaching treatment, tartar cleaning is done to get a more effective result. Before thesession, color determination is made. After the barrier is applied to the gums, the whitening gel isapplied to the teeth. The dentist may repeat these sessions if necessary. After the procedures, it isimportant for patients to stay away from coloring foods (tea, coffee, tomato paste) and to reducesmoking. Sensitivity may be seen for a short time after the session.

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