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We have listed the most frequently asked questions and answers of our patients about dental treatment for you.

How does calculus form and how can it be prevented?

Regular plaque accumulation on the teeth then leads to hard mineral and bacterial deposits, namely
tartar. It is possible to prevent tartar with regular brushing, flossing or the use of mouthwash. Regular
dental examinations provide a chance for early intervention for many problems, especially calculus. In
cases where tooth brushing is not done regularly and correctly, the formation of tartar cannot be
prevented. You can consult your dentist about how to brush properly and learn how to provide oral

What is the importance of primary teeth?

Primary teeth guide future permanent teeth. For this reason, it is very important that they are
healthy and remain in the mouth until the eruption of the underlying permanent tooth. Deciduous
teeth that are decaying and are a source of infection in the mouth should be treated by a dentist, and
if they are extracted, the future of permanent teeth should be protected with placeholders.

What is an implant?

It is the process of placing screws made of titanium alloy, which imitates the tooth root, in order to
complete the existing functional and aesthetic deficiency in teeth lost for various reasons. Implant
treatment, which is superior to traditional treatments in terms of health and aesthetics, can be
applied after a detailed examination by your dentist.

What is invisalign treatment?

They are transparent plaques specially prepared for the person produced with digital technology. By
applying controlled force to the teeth, it enables the teeth to reach the desired position. It provides a
more comfortable and aesthetic treatment process for the patient compared to wire treatment.

Does bleaching treatment damage teeth?

It is the process of lightening the tooth tone applied for unwanted stains on the tooth surface and for
tooth tone that does not meet the expectations of the patient aesthetically. It is an application that
does not harm the teeth when it is done under the control of a dentist.

Is there pain in tooth extraction?

Since tooth extraction is performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. However, when the effect of local anesthesia wears off, the patient should meticulously
follow the recommendations of the dentist for his comfort.

What is teeth clenching and grinding? Which treatment methods are used?

Clenching and grinding are abnormal habits that damage the patient’s musculoskeletal system, teeth,
and periodontal tissues. The treatment approach is determined according to the etiology of the habit.
These include nocturnal plaques and botox application to masticatory muscles.

Can adults also be treated with sedation?

Although treatment with sedation is mostly applied in children and uncooperative patients, it is also
preferred in dental treatments of adults. Dental treatments under sedation are also applied in our
clinic for our patients who are anxious during dental treatment.

Are dental imaging methods harmful?

Dental panoramic x-ray and three-dimensional tomography taken for accurate diagnosis and
treatment provide successful images with low dose radiation and are not harmful for patients.

What causes bleeding gums?

The most common cause is gum disease. However, it can also be caused by traumatic brushing and a
systemic disease. In case of uncontrolled gingival bleeding, a doctor must be consulted.


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